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Christopher Kon Handbags was founded in 2001 with the design mantra, “Find beauty in the simple aspects of life”. Over the course of the last two decades it has grown into an international iconic brand with their genuine leather handbags & wallets drawing their inspirations from nature & architecture.

Christopher Kon business model was built on selling to retailers and their existing site was just a basic showcase of seasonal styles. Electric Pixel was commissioned to building a e-commerce platform for their first foray into direct to consumer sales. Existing templates did not speak to their brand vision so a custom template was designed and integrated with the user friendly Shopify ecommerce platform.

If Christopher Kon were to open a brick & mortar store what would it look like? Words like simple, clean & minimalistic were thrown around, let’s make the handbag’s lines & colours draw you in. With this direction in mind we went for an adaptable un-cluttered look allowing the products to be the spotlight. To further showcase product details, traditional static front, ¾ and back product photos were thrown out for on-model photos and close up details. This gave shoppers a better visual of product size and wearability which greatly helped their purchasing decision making process. We knew the importance of mobile/tablet browsing so much thought was put into responsive adjustments for sizing, touch-swiping & scrolling making the shopping experience intuitive on all devices. User accounts administrative pages were also custom designed during this process.

We prototyped and presented all page design mockups through the interactive web application, InVision, which was greatly appreciated by our client. They were able to interact, comment & be engaged in the design process that laid out any expectations or concerns. We provided full responsive workflows for Desktop, Tablet & Mobile screens which gave them assurance that all aspects of the design & functionality were properly thought out.

With the static designs signed off we proceeded to html/css/javascript coding of the pages. The result showed them all the main responsive pages which could be viewed through their web browsers. These approved pages were then integrated into shopify using their liquid language to create a custom template.

Being based out of Quebec the langify app was installed and configured for multi-language browsing along with the Best Currency app for their international customers.

Eventhough Christopher Kon had limited social media presence (less than 2k instagram folllowers) sales commenced right out of the gate. Visitors & purchasers have steadily increased with new social media initiatives and the feedback has been resoundingly positive. With our proper Shopify training they have been self-administering the site and we continue to work with them seasonally for their new collections.

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