Meet Ritou & Amit, the wife/husband super duo that co-founded Electric Pixel in 2006.

Ritou is the managing partner who basically exploits Amit’s many talents in order to make sure her clients are happy and she looks good :) Seriously though, she loves people and building relationships is her strength. Ritou’s hands-on practical approach makes her a one of a kind marketing strategist. A great listener and highly analytical, she quickly understands her clients’ needs. Ritou comes up with overall strategy and manages all the facets of each project to ensure that all marketing efforts are true to the brand’s image! Her dedication makes for flawless execution. When Ritou is not working, she is definitely out and about, looking for the next adventure. She is one of the most active people you’ll ever meet and loves a good challenge. From bootcamps, to strength training, to trekking Machu Picchu, there is nothing she can’t do (even after two knee surgeries). She radiates positivity and is always ready for the next conversation over a pot Bengal Spiced tea.

Amit is like a swiss army knife with his multitude of talents. He is a self taught designer, driven by his passion for the arts … with a genuine curiosity for how to do the impossible! He is the heart and soul of Electric Pixel’s creativity who also has an in-depth understanding of technical frameworks. The results? Marketing with a unique, credible, clean, leading-edge and harmonious user experience. Give Amit the idea and he will bring it to life. His clients trust him due to his analytical spirit and systematic approach. When he is not entertaining his son, cooking a gourmet meal for his wife, playing league basketball with his boys, DJ’ing an event (turntables only), or racing cars (ChumpCar World Series), he is on his iPad, laptop or iPhone, keeping up with the latest design blogs and staying at the pulse of digital marketing trends.

The key to their success is their group of long time collaborators; social media pros, videographers, web developers, copywriters, SEO specialists, printshops, etc. Together, they are Electric Pixel. Your one-stop shop for all your marketing needs.


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